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Hardships of making business in Honduras

This is why developing countries need Free Cities for: so people with good ideas and little resources can enter formal markets under the same conditions as rich people.


Why honduran business can't satisfy the great food demand? There are several answers.

Still, a reason is related with the amount of legal obstacles business have to face for their product to comply with the required requests of the formal markets.

From beekeepers that want to pack their honey to entrepreneur women who process foodstuff, there is a strong clamor about how bothersome is the process.

Albertina García, representative of small business for region 14 (río Lempa) said that "we have difficulties to comply with such a big legal package, so strict and so expensive".

The small business sector demands an agile process, low cost and avaiability of low interest credits.

"In Macala a lot of small business have been swindled by lawyers that answered for ten or twenty thousand lempiras and made no procedures; others make it endless or blame the government", said García.

Actually this could apply also for some developed countries.

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